Swimming Through The Stone

People of the world, they're swimming through the stone.
Faces in the crowd, and they're feeling so alone.
One hit into the fight, and they're already gone.
They don't have the strength to do what must be done.

Looking for freedom anywhere.
Looking for somebody to care.

Swimming, people swimming through the stone.
Living for today, and today's already gone.
Swimming, people swimming through the stone.
Fighting for today, just trying to go on.

Bridge (repeat)
Guitar solo

People in the streets, are swimming through the stone.
Trying to survive, with nowhere to call home.
Fighting for what's right, but they're losing sight
Of all their hopes and dreams - the end is closer than it seems.

Bridge (repeat)
Chorus (repeat to end)

Words and music copyright 1998 Sean R. Kerns.

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