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Updated: 8/20/2001

Welcome to the Stalking Horse home page on the World Wide Web. My name is Sean Kerns, and Stalking Horse is my "band".

I say "band", because, really, I am Stalking Horse. I started out trying to go the traditional route, with a full band, but I was having too much trouble trying to find reliable musicians. As various band members came and went, I eventually just stopped replacing them, and ended up playing all of the instruments myself. Around the same time, I began building my own studio, Bloodspoint Studio, and became my own producer as well. In July of 1998, I began pursuing music as a full-time career.

Stalking Horse self-released an EP in July of 1997, titled Half in Shadow. Samples of these songs and order information can be found under "Releases".

I can be reached by email at Thanks for visiting, and please check back for updates!

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