Here are some reviews - what people have said about me and my music. I'm just getting started, and I don't have a whole lot right now, but hopefully I will have more as time goes on. I am actually very pleased to have anyone take the time to write something up.  I will take guestbook entries and feature them here when I get some that dig a little bit into what the reviewer thought of the music - that's a hint if you haven't signed the guest book yet, by the way.


I'll also be listing some things that TAXI reviewers have said (independent A/R review) as soon as I can organize a few from the pile on the desk.  Check back soon for those.

Everybody's News   (January 2-8, 1997)
Bands on the Run   (February, 1998)
Strutter'zine (Holland)  (Spring, 1999)
Catchy Hooks (Sweden) (July, 1999)
Spin City (Belgium) (July, 1999)
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