Strutter'zine (Holland) - Spring 1999

Stalking Horse - Half in Shadow

STALKING HORSE is actually Sean R. Kerns. Just like PHIL VINCENT (see elsewhere in this review), Sean does everything on his own. He wrote, performed and produced the three songs on his CD 'Half in shadow'. Also musically Sean sounds a bit like PHIL VINCENT, which means basically we can hear 80s-aor/melodic rock. It's a pity that there are only three songs on the CD, because this makes it hard to give a good opinion, but I think the future will prove that.
Anyway, opener "Fear" is simple and short, but is a good melodic aor-rocker that sounds like a cross between PHIL VINCENT and BLUE RAIN, a great guitarsolo too! The next track "Half in shadow" is just nice 90s melodic hardrock. The final track "On the wall" take things into AOR territory with nice keys, a good calmer AOR song that sounds quite like PHIL VINCENT (also the lead vocals are very similar). A good effort, but I look forward to hear a full-length CD to get a better opinion.
Contact Sean at: STALKING HORSE, 2682 Grosvenor Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45231, USA or e-mail him at: or visit their website at:

(Points: 7.5 out of 10)

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