L to R:   1973 Gibson SG; 1989 Gibson Les Paul Studio; '80?? BC Rich
             Mockingbird NJ.


Three of the most brutal-sounding guitars I own, and some of the cheapest, too. I didn't pay more than $350 for any of them, and I got the Les Paul for $200 (it did need a bridge pickup). The Les Paul is the rhythm guitar you hear on most of my tunes, and the other two generally are called on for leads, second rhythm parts, etc. The Mockingbird is one of only two guitars I have with a trem, and the only one with a Floyd. I've re-configured the controls to my liking, and the pickups are two Ibanez "V2" pickups from a '70's Ibanez Les Paul copy (the guitar is long gone). These pickups sounded "fuller" than the stock pickups. I don't know who made the V2's, but they're smokin' pickups. The Les Paul is stock except for a Duncan '59 in the bridge position. The SG is completely stock- a rarity for me, but it sounded so good I couldn't change it... Actually, that's not true; it had a Bigsby tremolo when I got it. It sucked tone, and wouldn't stay in tune, so I replaced it with a stop tailpiece.


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