Some detail pics of my infamous "Black Strat". Looks like normal wiring, huh? Not quite. It's got a separate "mix" control just for the bridge pickup, in addition to a master volume, and a tone that's been modified to act on all three pickups. What this means is I can get "impossible" pickup combos, like Neck and Bridge, all three together, and various mixes of bridge and other pickups.

What these pics are really supposed to show you are all the cool stickers I've collected and put on the poor thing over the years. Special favorites are "Mutants for Nuclear Power" and "Shorned Sean" Garbage Pail Kids stickers on the back, and "DeKalb Corn", "Airbag Warning", and "Death or Serious Injury Can Occur" on the front.


You can also see where I removed the Fender logo on the headstock to apply "Snake" in rub-on letters, and the custom bridge screw arrangement and custom "Ritchie Blackmore"-style heavy duty trem arm (I broke the original in 5 days). Other things you can't see include the fact that the trem block has been custom drilled to lessen string tension - one of many mods I've made to improve tuning stability. It stays in tune nearly as well as a guitar with a Floyd, but it wasn't easy. I think it's worth it for tone, though.


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