A trio of fine acoustic guitars.

On the left is a "68-ish Harmony Sovereign. This guitar is a PITA to play, but the tone is worth it. It's not "new-age" fingerstyle guitar; this guitar likes open chords, and not much else, but big tone. Shown here strung with nylon strings, which I do once in a while.

Center: My newest acoustic; an Alvarez cutaway with pickup and pre-amp. This one is sweet-sounding, and a joy to play. Has an awesome tone, acoustic or through an amp. In my true fashion, I "broke it in" over Christmas by breaking the neck just before I was supposed to play something on it. Oh, well. I fixed it. Now I guess it's really mine...

On the right is a Yamaha 12-string. I love this guitar, because it plays like an electric, but sounds like an acoustic. Big tone, too. Still got the original strings, from ~5 years ago.


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